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Who the Heck is Script Doctor Eric?

Script Doctor Eric began giving notes on screenplays in 2001 while working for a mid-level talent agency in Century City. Since then, Eric worked as a freelance reader for agents, managers, and production companies in the Los Angeles area, where he currently lives with his wife, son, dog, and worthless cat.

The number of scripts analyzed by Eric is in the thousands.  In fact, he stopped counting years ago.

Script Doctor Eric refers to himself in the third person here on the site for marketing purposes. He hopes you don’t find it too annoying.

Eric began ScriptDoctorEric.com in 2008 to help screenwriters of all skill levels on a one-on-one basis.  Since that time, this website and Eric’s Screenwriting Services have received numerous accolades, including “Website of the Week” by Script Magazine, and more importantly, glowing testimonials from his clients.  Read the Testimonials for the Screenwriting Service

In 2013, Eric was listed by Creative Screenwriting Magazine as the 12th highest ranked script consultant with five or more reviews.*

As a screenwriter, Eric has been writing scripts for over a decade. He co-wrote SHADOWPLAY – a low-budget feature produced by Redshell Entertainment in 2007 and distributed abroad. He continues to aggressively pursue projects, and is currently polishing a horror-thriller for a producer.

In 2011, Script Doctor Eric and his friend Matt launched Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast that acquired more than 1000 iTunes subscribers and has grown far beyond their expectations.  They are still recording new episodes…so…check it out!

For immediate help with your screenplay, check out Eric’s Screenwriting Services.

Thanks for reading, and…



* With an overall weighted score of 49.00, Eric ranked higher than Linda Seger, Coverage Ink, Story Pros, Michael Hauge, The Script Department, Danny Manus, Jim Mercurio, and many other consultants.  As the magazine is now defunct, the ranking can be found in the e-book The Best Script Analysts and Consultants: As Rated by Screenwriters by Bill Donovan.  Bill was the former editor and publisher of Creative Screenwriting Magazine.