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Script Doctor Eric

And the winner of Logline Friday for November 19th, 2010 is…

Kevin Morello!

A socially awkward loner becomes so disheartened by society that he puts his suicide note on craigslist and offers his life savings to the first person who saves his life.

Right on the edge of not giving too much away and creating a mystery, Kevin’s logline was intriguing enough to hook me into wanting to read more.

Is it a a dark comedy like Better Off Dead?  Could be.  All I know is the stakes are high and it’s a twist on a the average suicide tale.

At least, that’s what I hope it will be.

Kevin wins a MONTH of Professional Screenwriting Tools from Ashley at SellingYourScreenplay.com

Congrats again to Kevin, and thanks to everyone who entered.

If you didn’t win this Friday, remember, there’s always another Friday around the corner.



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