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Script Doctor Eric

I got this question the other day via email:

Why so cheap?

While this question gives me a convenient avenue to discuss my screenplay services, it was a real question, and I’ll try to be as honest as I can with the answer.

Some might take this question to mean, “What’s wrong with your service?”

But reading the entire email from this writer, she was actually complimenting me.  It seemed she leaned more towards…

Why would an experienced reader and produced screenwriter charge so much less than other screenplay consultants

Good question.  There are two reasons:

1. The website began about two years ago, so these prices might be seen as an “introductory rate.”  They won’t last forever, and when I get overbooked, I’ll definitely raise them.

2. It’s not fair to charge beginning screenwriters a lot of money to evaluate their script.  This is one of the reasons I have two services on my site, including one for around $100.  Because while I believe script consultants can be extremely helpful, if you’ve never used one before and only written a script or two, you’ve probably go a long ways to go.  There’s a lot to learn in this screenwriting game – hell, I’m still learning – which is what makes it great.  You can only take so many steps at a time.  I’d rather help you with broad strokes in the beginning, then with more advanced technique as you write more and more.  Be patient. I’ll still be here when you need more help.

However, if you’ve already written a few scripts and are looking for advanced help, that’s what the higer option is for.  I could charge you more…but that might scare some folks away.  I’m casting a wide net.  (I suppose this is reason #3.)

Hope that helps!  If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or drop me a line on my contact page



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