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Script Doctor Eric

Wow.  Talk about competition.  Due to the help of Ashley at Selling Your Screenplay, we had the MOST entries of any Logline Friday since the contest began (in beta form) in 2009!

That’s great, Eric, but who won?

Getting to it, sheesh!  If you scrolled down without reading this to see who won, then you already know the answer.  For the rest of you, the winner for September 24th, 2010 is…

Brian Haas!

Brian’s winning logline:

“In order to save his job and scores of others from redundancies, an insecure American accountant working for Britain’s MI6 spy agency must track down the agency’s spendthrift super spy who’s gone missing on a dangerous mission — and take away the credit card.”

An unlikely hero who will presumably stand up to secret agents wasting the tax-payer money?  Could be comedy gold.  Plus, I always wondered if anyone kept track of how much those secret agent explosions were costing us…

Congrats to Brian who wins a year of Pro Screenwriting Tools courtesy of Ashley at SellingYourScreenplay.com

Thanks again, to everyone who entered this highly competitive Logline Friday.  Be sure to check out the list of past Logline Friday Winners and keep practicing those loglines – new prizes are just around the corner.



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