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Script Doctor Eric

Ashley of SellingYourScreenplay.com has graciously donated a 1-month subscription to his Professional Screenwriting Tools to the winner of designated Logline Friday competitions

Not familiar with Ashley’s new service?  (Did you not click the link above?)  Well, it includes a screenwriting forum, ways to build your own website, and access to his query-blast service.

So click that link already to check out the prize!  Or, if you’re link-wary, cut and paste the address below:

Selling Your Screenplay Select

A subscription to Ashley’s Professional Screenwriting Tools is usually $4.99 a month, but if you win Logline Friday, you’ll get a free month-long preview, with no strings attached.  It’s a way to check out a cool service and see if you like it.

So get those loglines ready! (Need help? See Past Logline Winners

Friday is just around the corner.



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