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Script Doctor Eric

When I began ScriptDoctorEric.com back in 2008, I was fortunate enough to be in contact with a talented graphic artist we’ll call “Tony.”*

He’s pretty big into anime, and I wanted a cartoon representation of a script doctor.   Tony and I went back and forth on a logo for the site, eventually settling on:

Pretty sweet, eh?

I thought so.  Though it doesn’t EXACTLY reflect my likeness, it’s an upbeat representation of the idea of a “script doctor.”

Why am I bringing this up?

As ScriptDoctorEric.com has gained traction as a screenwriting blog and general resource for screenwriters, I’ve noticed my logo in screenwriting articles and/or on pages in reference to a generic “script doctor” or “screenplay consultant.”

I know there’s not much I can do to prevent this, and I’m actually OK with that.  However, if you’d like to use the graphic Tony created, at the very least, how about labeling the image “Script Doctor Eric” and linking it back to this site?

My plea comes in two parts:

For one, the logo isn’t just any old script doctor / screenplay consultant, it’s a specific one. (Me!)

For two** – and more importantly – the image was created by an actual human being, a talented artist.  And when that artist does get a website together (comon’ Tony!) I will refer people to him so they might order an image for their own website/t-shirt/whatever.

While it’s great to see Tony’s work so appreciated, it would be even more flattering if people could find out how to hire him.

Because in the end, whether you’re a graphic designer, screenwriter, musician, filmmaker, or even blogger, we’re all web artists creating products for others to enjoy.  And by hiring one another, we can potentially make a reasonable living off of our talents.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.  The more we support artists like Tony, the better off we’ll all be.

Seriously, and…



* We’ll call him “Tony” because that’s his name.  However, Tony doesn’t have a website I can refer people to, so we just have to leave it at that.  (Comon’ Tony, get on it!) :)

** I know this is incorrect.  Thought it would be funny.  Sometimes I do that.

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