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Script Doctor Eric

Took a break from my big project and got into a discussion with Mike from A Video Store Named Desire and his crowd of followers on Facebook. Here’s a slightly modified version of it.  Check out My Facebook Page to find Mike and join the discussion!

The question posed: “Can you name ten movies of the last decade funnier than Anchorman?”

My answer: In brief, yes.

First, I’ve never seen so many people laugh as when I saw Borat on opening night. I think people forget about that phenomenon.

Yet comedy is one of the most subjective genres out there.  I remember reading a review of Ace Ventury: Pet Detective in Entertainment Weekly when it first came out.  They gave the movie an F.

That seems a little harsh.

So, I’m sure we’ll disagree, but to me, there are many, many movies funnier than Anchorman released from 2001-2010.  Here are ten, in no particular order:

Hot Fuzz

Super Troopers

Team America: World Police

Napoleon Dynamite


Wedding Crashers

Monster’s, Inc.

Old School

In the Loop


And of course, Bad Boys II… (just kidding)

More?  What about Idiocracy?  Yep.

Mean Girls?  Indeed.

The TV Set? Uh-huh.

Never heard of The TV Set?  It’s funny, trust me.

Or check it out for yourself…because we just might disagree.   :)



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