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More Screenwriting Pages

More Screenwriting Pages

You may have noticed that the site is updated
fairly regularly.In order to keep the front page sleek and trim, however, these posts aren’t linked from the main page.

For your convenience, these posts are listed below. Well, most of them. There still might be a hidden page or two on the site – I don’t want to kill ALL the mystery.


Most Recent

Logline Friday Winners – A List

The Script-a-thon:A Screenplay Contest Worth Entering

Script Doctor Eric’s 2010 Screenplay Competition Winners

Should I Put Specific Songs in My Script?

Script Doctor Eric’s 2010 Screenplay Competition

Older / Classic Posts

Are You Want to be a Riter?

How do you think of ideas for movies?

The Best Written Movies of 2008

Sample Script Notes from Script Doctor Eric

Compare Script Doctor Eric to Other Script Consultants

The Difference Between Coverage and Notes

List of WGA Signatory Agents

Writing a Query Letter with no Screenwriting Credits

2009 Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest – List of Winners

2009 Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest – Grand Prize Winner

Be sure to check back regularly for more screenwriting posts and updates!