Logline Friday Winner – December 17th

There were quite a lot of submissions this week, but the winner of Logline Friday for December 17th is…

Nick Scott!

@CanadianNick – A lonely teenage girl falls for the new boy in class and discovers he’s been sent back in time to destroy the future’s most dangerous criminal –- her bratty brother.

What’s interesting about this logline is that it’s full of surprises.  Seems like a love story, but no!  It’s sci-fi…but wait!  It’s a family, love-story, sci-fi adventure!

While too many surprises can throw a reader off, if you hit them with a few it can be just enough to let them know that you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve.  Plus, I’ve always wanted to see a family version of The Terminator.

Congrats to Nick who wins a month of Pro Screenwriting Tools from Ashley at SellingYourScreenplay.com!

If you didn’t win this week, just remember, there’s always a Logline Friday around the corner.

Yes, even during the holidays.



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