How Long Should You Wait Before Following Up on Your Query Letter?

Our resident Television expert TV Consultant Joey uses her experience working for various production companies to answer the following question:

Q:  How long should I wait before following up with a producer/agent/manager after sending my brilliant query letter?

A:  Two weeks.  Wait two weeks, then place an amazingly nice, polite, chatty follow-up call with the assistant.

Remember, these assistants are often over-worked and under-paid.  Thus, the “amazingly nice,” tone.

If he/she tells you they haven’t had a chance to review it.  Wait another two weeks and try again.  (Don’t forget your “amazingly nice” tone.)

I normally think after six weeks, and 2-3 calls….it’s time to let it go. Unless the assistant that you’ve now befriended tells you otherwise.


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