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Script Doctor Eric

Many changes and updates will be made to www.ScriptDoctorEric.com during these next few weeks as we transition into a kick-ass screenwriting website.

During this period of kinks and bumps, if you spot something that’s a little off, or have a suggestion on ways to improve the site, shoot me an email!  I’ll try to fix it myself, or more likely, pass your idea along to the webmaster

And through September 15th, 2010, I’m giving away free notes for every good “improvement” you send!

1 good website idea = free notes on 1 page of your screenplay

So, let’s say you email me 15 website fixes, broken links, design issues, etc.  And maybe I take 10 of those suggestions.  BAM! You win notes on 10 pages of your script!

Of course, a “good” website idea is a bit arbitrary, but if you send me a few suggestions, I won’t leave you going home without a prize.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks for the help, and…



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