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Yes, We Will Give You Notes on Your Script

And now, a quick word from Script Doctor Joey… (Who? Read this.) You may have noticed Script Doctor Eric’s (Hey, that’s me!) last post was from 2015, so I often receive emails asking if we’re still here and still providing notes. Yes! We are! Script Doctor Eric has indefinitely turned the reigns over to me […]

Scriptcast 63 – Screenwriting and Filmmaking While Parenting

Listen to Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) by searching for “Scriptcast” on either Stitcher or iTunes.  Or download / stream the episode below! Film professor and director Eli Daughdrill joins Eric in the garage for a chat about filmmaking, parenting, film graduate school, starting out, making short films, and much more! Apologies for the audio issues on […]

Script Doctor Joey’s Screenplay Analysis

As you may have noticed, there has been little activity from me, Script Doctor Eric in a while. Except on Twitter, where I use my smartphone to tweet as @ScriptDrEric Apologies for radio silence.  I’ve actually landed a full-time job and have full-time things going on in my personal life.  (For way-too-much personal information, hear more […]

Scriptcast 62 – Emily Blake, Screenwriting, and Chicks Who Script

This episode we welcomed screenwriter Emily Blake back to the podcast for the third, yes, THIRD time!  (Don’t miss Episode 10: Emily Blake and also one of my favorite episodes Episode 42: Emily Blake Strikes Back!) Emily Blake, a former English teacher, is well known in the screenwriting community for her screenwriting website Bamboo Killers and more recently as […]

Welcome to Scriptcast!

Scriptcast is a screenwriting podcast where produced screenwriter Script Doctor Eric (About Eric)  and his talented co-host TV Wet Nurse Matt (Find Matt) chat about the ins and outs of screenwriting in a fun and humorous way…with various levels of success. (The easiest way to listen to Scriptcast is to go to the iTunes store and […]