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Scriptcast – Chinatown

What can you learn from a great script? Today on Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) Matt and I go into an in-depth discussion of Chinatown.  We’ll discuss both script and film, what works, what doesn’t (gasp!) and the writing lessons screenwriters can learn from this classic. If you miss our discussion, the episode will be posted […]

Best (and Worst) Movies of 2010

It’s not as if Joey’s post The Top 43 Movies of 2010 inspired me to watch a few more films to catch up with her, because hey, this site is called Script Doctor Eric not “Movie Doctor Joey”, why does Joey have a “Top Movie List” and Script Doctor Eric doesn’t, dammit!? No.  That’s not […]

That Facebook Movie

I love a good movie in the morning. Today my fiancée and I caught the first showing of THE SOCIAL NETWORK at The Landmark.  Because I hate going into a movie with too high of expectations, I won’t tell you how much I liked it. I also don’t want to spoil the movie by talking […]

The Best Written Movies of 2008

The Best Written Movies of 2008 (In no particular order. And by that, I mean alphabetical.) Bolt The Dark Knight Doubt Forgetting Sarah Marshall Frost/Nixon Hancock In Bruges Kung Fu Panda Iron Man Let the Right One In Milk Slumdog Millionaire WALL-E Hancock and Iron Man make the list because it’s not so easy to […]