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Where to Find Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast

I know, this isn’t much of a new post, but I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve set up a specific page dedicated to our screenwriting podcast, Scriptcast. www.scriptdoctoreric.com/scriptcast Yes, we paid money for that. On that page you’ll see we’ve begun posting all the episodes, so you can just listen online.  Also, there […]

Scriptcast vs. John August’s Scriptcast

When Matt and I first began Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast I searched the web to find out if the name had been taken by any other podcasts. Nope. Then I searched for general uses of the name.  I found an empty domain on “Scriptcast.com,” a few movie links where the “script” and the “cast” […]

Help our Screenwriting Podcast (Scriptcast)

Howdy Podcast Listeners, Thanks for listening to Scriptcast week after week.  Or at least once on a whim.  Hopefully you’ve been entertained or learned something new about screenwriting, or ideally, both. (If you haven’t listened to the show – and are a bit lost right now – check out the post Scriptcast – A Podcast) […]

The Best Screenwriting (and other) Podcasts

When Matt and I started our screenwriting podcast – Scriptcast – back in April of 2011, I listened to just about every podcast you can download for free, trying to get a sense of the elements that comprise a good podcast. And by “just about every podcast” I mean around twenty, which is hopefully enough […]

On Scriptcast this Tuesday: Adam Strange on Los Angeles Screenwriters Groups and Deadline Junkies

On Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) this week: Writer-Producer Adam Strange will join Matt and Eric to discuss his experiences with screenwriting groups, and why the recent group he founded – Deadline Junkies – is a cut above the rest. Listen live by going to UCLAradio.com this Tuesday at 4pm Pacific.  Ask me, Adam, or Matt […]