Scriptcast 63 – Screenwriting and Filmmaking While Parenting

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Film professor and director Eli Daughdrill joins Eric in the garage for a chat about filmmaking, parenting, film graduate school, starting out, making short films, and much more!

Apologies for the audio issues on my voice.  Still working out all the technical challenges.  Eli sounds great, though!

TV Wet Nurse Matt was absent due to scheduling conflicts.  Give him hell on Twitter: @TweetofMattHill Also check out his new podcast:  Super Hoopers on iTunes


What we watched somewhat recently, LOVE IS STRANGE, making time to see a movie as a parent, supporting independent films, Edge of Tomorrow, Groundhog Day, writing a single location movie, limiting yourself to be more creative, writing practical movies, few people in one place movie, Script Doctor Eric returning to screenwriting, writing a screenplay in 10 minutes a day, advantages to being an artist and being married and having kids, film students, Eli’s Documentary (Rent or Watch Jonas on Amazon), gaining the confidence to be a filmmaker, gaining social currency with your spouse, Eli’s short, women’s stories, making movies to show people, Sony Pictures Classic (nicest people in the world), the dream of success…and more.

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