Scriptcast 62 – Emily Blake, Screenwriting, and Chicks Who Script

This episode we welcomed screenwriter Emily Blake back to the podcast for the third, yes, THIRD time!  (Don’t miss Episode 10: Emily Blake and also one of my favorite episodes Episode 42: Emily Blake Strikes Back!)

Emily Blake, a former English teacher, is well known in the screenwriting community for her screenwriting website Bamboo Killers and more recently as one of the creators and hosts of the Chicks Who Script podcast. We had a good time talking with her about podcasting, screenwriting, and everything else.


Recording a podcast in a garage in the San Gabriel Valley, screenwriting podcasts, the origins of the Chicks Who Script podcast, ScriptNotes podcast with John August and Craig Mazin, Mazin’s she-hulk slut, dearth of female-centric film podcasts, Matt’s unreasonable dislike of Max Landis, how to fire your representation, Dr. Who, producing a short film, cosplay, comic book convention film festivals, everything else…

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Thanks again for listening.  The next episode should be up this month!

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