Script Magazine’s Screenwriter Website of the Week

Just found out that was named “Screenwriter Website of the Week” from Script Magazine.

Check out the post on

Screenwriter Website of the Week: Script Doctor Eric

Thanks so much, Script Mag!  (And a special thanks to Jeanne V. Bowerman!)

Why the sudden recognition? Some of it may be due to the recent launch of Support Sometime Sunday, but more likely it has to do with the steady growth of our screenwriting podcast, Scriptcast.  Matt and I are glad so many of you like Scriptcast enough that you not only listen, but that you don’t keep your listening habits a secret – you sometimes tell other people about the podcast, too.  :)

Personally, the recognition from Script Magazine is a great reminder that and Scriptcast are helping at least a few folks out there through this challenging world of screenwriting.

Is worthy of this award?  I hope so. If anything, I now want to improve the website and podcast so there is no question – yes, we ARE the website of the week.

In other words, damn you Script Magazine for making us try a little harder.  :)

But seriously, thanks again.




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