The Best Screenwriting (and other) Podcasts

When Matt and I started our screenwriting podcast – Scriptcast – back in April of 2011, I listened to just about every podcast you can download for free, trying to get a sense of the elements that comprise a good podcast.

And by “just about every podcast” I mean around twenty, which is hopefully enough to learn a few things.  In the process of trying to figure out what makes the good ones good, the average ones “meh,” here are my favorite podcasts, in order of favorite…ness:

1. The Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith – Along with John August’s blog Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast is the best free screenwriting resource out there.  Period.  It used to be the Creative Screenwriting Podcast, so go through the CS Podcast to catch old episodes, but be sure and subscribe to the Q&A for the latest screenwriter interviews.  Goldsmith asks almost every question you want him to ask, and doesn’t shy away from the tough ones.  Subscribe already.

2. This American Life – The gold standard of podcasts, both in production, storytelling, and emotional impact.  I’ll find myself listening in tears while driving down the 10 freeway because it’s THAT DAMN GOOD.  Well, most of the time.  The reason it’s not #1 is that there are a few correspondents who grate on my nerves, and hell, this is a screenwriting website so Goldsmith is king.

3. KCRW’s The Treatment – Brief, 30 minute filmmaker interviews that Elvis Mitchell transforms into intelligence and passionate discussions.

4. Extra Hot Great – A fun and breezy TV and Film podcast that Matt calls (“the gold standard of pop culture podcasts” – see Comments below).  The high-quality production and humorous insights into pop culture are so seamless intertwined into a laid-back discussion that you just might miss them.

5. WTF with Marc Maron – Bitter AND insightful stand-up dissects comedy with the biggest names out there.

6. Sam and Jim go to Hollywood – Though it has run its course, these guys talk screenwriting and Hollywood in a clear, straight-forward manner.  Thanks guys.

7. A Life Well Wasted – Short-lived podcast about video game culture and the world created by games.


That’s it, for now.

Where’s ____ you ask?  Well, if I left your favorite podcast off the list, feel free to tell me about it in the comments… or via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.



2 Responses to The Best Screenwriting (and other) Podcasts

  1. Matt says:

    Radiolab and Planet Money are both great. But I think Extra Hot Great is the gold standard of pop culture podcasts. I also enjoy the BS Report for sports talk.

    • Eric says:

      I listened to one episode of Radiolab and there was a drum solo for 95% of the show… Maybe it was the wrong Radiolab?

      Yeah, you turned me on to Extra Hot Great. Good stuff, there.

      And thanks for the comment, Scriptcast co-host. Someday I’ll get you to write a full post… :)