This Friday’s Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast)

For this Friday’s episode of Scriptcast we’re honored to be joined by screenwriter Ashley Meyers.

As many of you know, Ashley’s website is a treasure trove of tools and information on how to market and sell your screenplay.  If you’ve never been to the site, the post How to Sell Your Screenplay (in a Nutshell) is as good a place to start as any.

For Scriptcast, Ashley and I will be discussing movies, writing, agents, managers, query letters, and how to sell a screenplay.

Yep, all that in a one hour stretch.  My mouth is getting tired just thinking about it. (Yes, my mouth does my thinking.)

The podcast will be recorded live at 11am (Pacific) from the studios at UCLA Radio.  Tune in, by going to and clicking the “Listen Live” button at the top.

If you have screenwriting questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to tweet them to me (@scriptdoctoreric) before or during the show.  Or just shoot me an email.

If you miss the show, no worries.  The recordings of the Scriptcast podcast will be available in the upcoming weeks.  I’ll post them here, and they’ll be up on iTunes as well.  Stay tuned.




P.S. Regular co-host Matt Hill will not be with us for this podcast, so this Friday’s conversation will focus primarily on feature writing and films.  Sorry television writers!  :)

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