Logline Friday Returns! (Maybe)

As some of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends know (and let’s be clear – there is a clear distinction between online “friends” and “followers”…okay, no there’s not…) we’re resurrecting Logline Friday for a test run.

But the deadline has changed!  It’s now Friday at 11am (Pacific).   Start sending your loglines now – or any time!  If you send them after Friday at 11am, we will consider them a submission for the following Logline Friday.

[What is Logline Friday?   If you clicked that link, you’ll get a sense of it.   Not sure what a logline is?  Check out Best Screenplay Loglines – a post listing the past Logline Friday winners.]

Here’s how the new Logline Friday will work:

1. Tweet your best loglines (three max) and put a @scriptdoctoreric in there or #LoglineFriday (or both!)

(Uncomfortable with Twitter?  Email your loglines – [email protected])

2. The deadline is Friday, 11am (Pacific).

3. Matt and I will chose the winning logline – and discuss some of the non-winners – on Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast).  The show is recorded at the UCLA Radio studios every Friday at 11am…thus the new 11am deadline.

4. The winning logline will receive our on-air praise AND we the opportunity to submit a question for our next podcast.** (Thanks to @heroesareboring for great prize ideas.  More prizes to come.)

PLUS – If you win three Logline Fridays, you’ll get a free Full Service from Script Doctor Eric.

That’s right, free script notes and a phone consultation on your feature script if you win the new Logline Friday three times.

Sorry, past winners don’t count.  You’ll just have to win it three times from here on out! :)

So, send me those loglines, listen to Scripcast (or wait for the podcast to be released) and check back here for updates!

See ya Friday…


**If you do not wish us to mention your name / Twitter name on the podcast for any reason, please email or tweet me to let me know.  If you’re worried about someone stealing your movie idea, please see Will Someone Steal My Movie Idea

2 Responses to Logline Friday Returns! (Maybe)

  1. Bart says:

    Hey Script Doctor Eric

    Good news logline friday’s back! I’m on it! btw I think there IS a difference between online followers and online friends. Of course meeting with real live friends is cool and all. Still having conversations with people on the other side of the world about common interests and activities (like screenwriting) is pretty awesome as well. I don’t know where to draw the line between friend or follower either, but at least there are people I converse more with than most other followers. Is there any way already I can listen to the scriptcast episodes I’ve missed?


    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the comment, Bart!

      We’ll start posting the Scriptcast Podcast episodes on the site in the upcoming weeks…

      We have them recorded, just have a bit of editing and touching up, and some iTunes things…

      Coming soon! Promise!