Logline Friday Winner – December 31st

And the Logline Friday winner for the last Friday of 2010 (December 31st) is…


@DerisiveDoll – After the city’s superheroine is murdered, her shy sister, desperate to lead a normal life, is asked to avenge her sister’s death by stopping the villain who is now wreaking havoc on the city.

Is it a bit too formulaic? Perhaps. But I like the idea of a superhero’s “normal” sibling.  Throw in the fact that the girl must get over her shyness AND stop a super villain and you’ve got a nice recipe for conflict… and hopefully a good story.

Delayna wins a one month of Pro Screenwriting Tools from Ashley at SellingYourScreenplay.com.

Thanks to Ashley for sponsoring Logline Friday for the month of December.  He might be back some day to give away more stuff, but meanwhile check out his site…

And I’ll see you Friday.

Happy New Year, and…


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