A Different Kind of Coverage

When I do coverage for agencies and production companies I include a synopsis and sometimes a chart that rates the script. The synopsis is so the producer/agent can speak intelligently about the script – as if they have read it – and the rating chart tells them if they should bother to read it themselves.

There is also a portion of general coverage where the reader includes comments. These comments usually include the reasons to either pass or recommend the script, but are written for the agent/producer. They do little to help the writer.

The written notes you receive when you order a service from Script Doctor Eric is similar to what might be submitted in the “comments” portion of general coverage. However, I expand these notes to include specific areas of the script that need improvement and suggestions on how to improve them, based on my experience as a produced screenwriter.

The idea is to give feedback that best serve the writer. If instead you would prefer standard coverage – the kind I give to agents, managers, and producers – just let me know and I will happily oblige.

If you do not indicate a preference you will receive my written notes and comments specifically tailored to improving your script. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


-Script Doctor Eric

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