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Logline Friday Winner – September 24th

Wow.  Talk about competition.  Due to the help of Ashley at Selling Your Screenplay, we had the MOST entries of any Logline Friday since the contest began (in beta form) in 2009! That’s great, Eric, but who won? Getting to it, sheesh!  If you scrolled down without reading this to see who won, then you […]

List of Logline Friday Winners

Click on the Logline Friday winner below to read the winning logline, and sometimes, why it won… September 10th – Girl vs. Girl September 3rd – No Logline Friday due to the Holiday August 27th – Monster Killer August 20th – GPS Fortune Teller August 13th – Tattoo Thief August 6th – Guardian Devil July […]

Logline Friday Winner – July 2nd, 2010

And the winner of Logline Friday for July 2nd, 2010 is…Todd Gordon! @moviequill A hapless shoe salesman orders a “gardener” brain implant to impress his girlfriend but ends up with “killer assassin” instead. It’s Total Recall meets True Lies! Or maybe it’s more comedic? Either way, it could be a hit. While the logline tiptoes […]

Logline Friday Winner – July 16th, 2010

First, a quick comment: the quality of submissions for this week’s Logline Friday was phenomenal. I literally thought “that’s the winner” after four different loglines. Your submissions kept impressing me, one after another. Seriously. You probably think I always say that. Well, there’s an easy way to check: view the past Logline Friday winners. See, […]