Support “How to Disappear Completely”

The project chosen for this week’s Support Something Sunday is the short film How to Disappear Completely.

It’s a thesis project from some dedicated MFA student filmmakers out in Pasadena at the Art Center College of Design.*

Of course I love to help out local artists, but the first thing that caught my attention was their great looking trailer.  The director - Jon  Jon Augustavo – seems to really know how to use the camera.

What also sold me on this project was their reference to Gus Van Sant’s most underrated movie: PARANOID PARK.  If more directors said they wanted to make another PARANOID PARK, the indie film world would be a better place.

The rewards on the How to Disappear Completely’s Kickstarter are interesting, though not particularly tangible.  I did pitch in enough to get the hug, however, and will be keeping an eye out for Jon Jon in Old Town** to cash in.  I paid for a hug, dude, where’s the hug.***

So, go to the How to Disappear Completely Kickstarter Page to check out the trailer and help out some talented Pasadena kids get their film made.

Seriously, and…



* Known around these parts as “Art Center.”

** This is a cool part of Pasadena that I don’t get to that often but thought would make a “hip” reference.

*** Kidding.  Best of luck with the project, fellas.  I’m good on hugs.  Really.

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