Scriptcast Now Recorded on Wednesdays

Just a quick note to let you know that this summer, your second-favorite screenwriting podcast (Scriptcast) will be recorded on Wednesdays at 3pm* beginning June 27th.

Why the time change?  No reason, really.  OK, I got tired of driving across Los Angles on Friday mornings.

How do you listen?  Just go to during the time of the show!  (Which is now 3pm on Wednesdays, i.e. the point of this post. 🙂

If you miss the live recording, don’t fret!  Scriptcast is a podcast.  Go to the iTunes store, search “Scriptcast” and hit “Subscribe.”  Some of the best episodes can also be found at

Thanks for listening and see you Wednesday!


* Pacific time, of course.  Also, we usually start late…but not always.  If you’re planning on listening live, it’s a good idea to check out Script Doctor Eric on Twitter (@ScriptDrEric) or Facebook ( the day of the show.

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