What Do You Charge to Read My Script?

For some reason, I’ve been getting this question a lot recently:

How much will you charge to read my script?*

The short answer is…nothing!

The long answer is, it’s usually around $100, but I’m not reading scripts right now due to my involvement in a larger project.

Sorry for teasing you with the short answer.

The good news is, I can finally see the light at the end of this project’s tunnel – a tunnel that was WAY longer than it appeared to be when I entered it.

But!  It looks like I’ll be back in September.  And the plan is to return with fanfare (and discounts!).

Keep checking back to scriptdoctoreric.com for updates.

Thanks for asking, and…



I actually answer this question in my Screenwriting Services post, but with this recent array of emails it seems some folks might be skipping that page and just emailing me for help.  While that is awesome (thanks so much for thinking of me!) it is also a bit frustrating, as I keep replying pretty much the same way, and having to disappoint eager screenwriters looking for help. Thus, this post! :)

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One Response to What Do You Charge to Read My Script?

  1. Eric;

    Do you know about Google Canned Responses? You can pre-write some stock responses and then easily use them over and over again as people ask the same question. I think you have to activate it in the Google Labs section of your Gmail account, and then from there you just wrote up your canned responses and you’re good to go.


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