The Search Box works!  The Search Box works!  Long live the Search Box!  🙂 

A few of you have noticed that the Search Box* that normally rests inconspiculously along the right sidebar is now absent.**

Good eyes.

Last week a screenwriter emailed asking the standard length on a screenplay.  Since I had posted on that topic in the past (see linked words in prior sentence), I went to look for the article here on the site.  I typed “length of screenplay” into the Search Box and got…

No results found.

No results?  Maybe I didn’t use the word “screenplay” in that post.  Maybe I called them “scripts,” or “written movies,” or “screen…written documents?”  Probably, not but I searched.  And each search produced the same result.

No results found.

Nope.   I typed in “Scriptcast.”  I KNOW I mentioned Scriptcast a few times on the site.

No results found.

The Search Box was broken.  Which led me to a question my Search Box could not answer: How does one break a Search Box?

I posed that question to Steve from Bozz Media since he and I have been doing some work on the website to get the new Scriptcast page working.   His response came fast, as if it were automatically generated:

Thank you for contacting me.  I am out of the office from July 24 through July 30. I will do my best to respond to your request on Monday, August 1.

Oh no!

I then got a personal message from Steve saying he’ll take a look at the problem when he returned.

Somewhat relieved, I decided the best thing to do would be to post about it.  So…here’s that post! 🙂

Until August (Monday) you can access past screenwriting articles on the site a number of ways:

1. Click “Older Posts” at the end of the last post on the page.

2. Go to the bottom of the page – the VERY bottom – and choose a Category or Tag you’d like to read about.  So for example, if you want all the General Screenwriting posts, you’d click on that category.

3. Choose from the drop-down menu at the top of the website.  There are a number of articles up there, including my most popular screenwriting posts

4. Just starting out?  Check out the post Help for New Screenwriters In that post I link many other articles you may want to check out.

5. Still not sure?  Email me:

Hope that helps.

Keep writing, and…



*”Search Box” is capitalized in this post out of respect and a lack of understanding of aspects of technology. For example, if a Search Box found its name on your site without caps, would THAT be reason enough for it to stop working?  Who knows.  I for one, won’t be taking that chance.

**If you are reading this post-August 2011, the Search Box will likely be back.  Sorry for the confusion.

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