ABW – Always Be Writing

If you listened to the live recording of Scriptcast this week, you heard Matt and I discuss Garant and Lennon’s new book, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit.

While we didn’t agree with every piece of advice from the authors, one of their main points rings so true it’s worth repeating:

“Always be writing.”

Why should you always be writing?¬† Why can’t you just ruminate on an idea for a while and wait until it will be fully formed in your head?

For one, most of us don’t work that way.

For two, if you want to be a writer, you gotta write.

At the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, one of the main ones that Hal Ackerman hammers home is, “Get your butt in the chair every day.”

He means, so you can write.

Take it from Ackerman, Garant & Lennon, and now yours truly, if you want to be a screenwriter, you have to write.

Speaking of which…



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