New Posts – Tues and Thurs

During this period where is functioning as a screenwriting blog (I return to helping you on your scripts in 2012) I am trying to establish a regular system of posts.

Right now, it is every Tuesday and Thursday.

Since Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) is on Tuesdays, those posts will probably be about what we’re going to talk about that day on the show.

Thursday will be everything else.  I’ll answer screenwriting questions, discuss the craft, the business, and even have some guests posts.  :)

So be sure to check back to the site every Tuesday and Thursday for your bi-weekly dose of screenwriting.

Or if you’re bored.

See ya Tues. and Thurs., and…



P.S. There are rumors of Logline Friday possibly starting back up again, and the winner chosen via our podcast each week.  Stay tuned to see if we can make those rumors a reality!

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