Special Logline Friday Prize

The lucky winner of Logline Friday for September 24th will receive:

One year of PROFESSIONAL SCREENWRITING TOOLS courtesy of Ashley at Selling your Screenplay.

This includes:

  • Your own screenwriting website
  • A subscription to his screenwriting forum
  • A bunch of other cool stuff!

Click on the link above, or go to Ashley’s website www.SellingYourScreenplay.com and click the “Tools” tab.

Read the Logline Friday rules and get those loglines to me today!  :)


5 Responses to Special Logline Friday Prize

  1. Byron says:

    To enter your Friday logline contest, required to “tweet” it? Well, never “tweeted” before, so signed up on Twitter…. and maybe, perhaps, could be, hope so… my first ever tweet effort got to you. If not, here is the logline I sent (70words):

    Devine intervention, sparked by an oft-repeated wish from famed tenor Placido Domingo, brings Mario Lanza back for an amusing and song-filled quest to sing finally at the Met. Mario succeeds finally, with the help of characters from a local homeless mission and a singer-wannabe cocktail waitress. They kidnap, then substitute Mario for the Met’s star tenor. Funny, poignant, and – once again – the incredible experience of the century’s greatest voice.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks Byron.

      I’ll accept loglines via Twitter OR email! Send them to me on Friday – only loglines entered on Friday count! :)



  2. Michael Faunce-Brown says:

    Evil Brethren:
    Log Line: Entrapped young couple desperately fight for their lives to escape a manic, cannibal cult which surrounds their remote farm in the Bush.
    (96 minutes)

  3. VM German says:

    Don’t have a Tweeter account so, here’s my logline post:

    Talented basketball player resorts to deceitful measures in order to maintain her athletic scholarship.